Brigitte Charpentier

Brigitte Charpentier

Brigitte Charpentier

Comédienne Chanteuse Animatrice Clowne 


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Montréal, Québec

Ludivine show

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Solo show that visits some moments of the daily life of a traveling woman.

Sometimes in the middle of a boulevard, sometimes sitting in a park, she passes people and people pass her.

The spectator is invited to enter the worlds of Ludivine: the real, the everyday, the other, imaginary, and that of the memories of the time when she was a luminous diva.

Ball of energy, tidal wave of emotions, with his facial expressions and his catchy gestures, each episode of daily life becomes the pretext for a comical parody that sometimes takes unsuspected directions.

One hour show that includes many interactions with the public.

credits: staging bl;a bla bkla


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