Brigitte Charpentier

Brigitte Charpentier

Brigitte Charpentier

Comédienne Chanteuse Animatrice Clowne 


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Montréal, Québec

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Stage beast: actress, singer-show host and clown with more than 30 years of experience

Brigitte's colors

Show: Ludivine


Sometimes in the middle of a boulevard, sometimes sitting in a park, Ludivine, itinerant, meets people and people meet her.

The viewer is called upon to enter the worlds of Ludivine: the true everyday, the imaginary other, and that of the memories of the time when she was a luminous diva.

Ball of energy, tidal wave of emotions, with her facial expressions and her catchy gestures, Ludivine makes each episode of her daily life a parody that sometimes takes unsuspected directions.



One-hour physical theater performance

Show for adults (from 10 years old)


Bridget the Singer

For a celebration: wedding, baptism, funeral or a party, a birthday, an office party, a corporate event.

Lover of French music: Piaf, Brel... Brigitte also knows how to adapt to all your requests and can prepare a large number of tailor-made pieces for your event.

A multi-faceted character, she interprets with heart the most beautiful songs of yesterday and today.

Duration : Between 30 minutes and 3 hours

Costs and technical sheet:

Please: contact us

For all


Brigitte the Animator

Whether it's for a birthday, a cabaret evening, a Christmas party, a Karaoke evening, a gala, Brigitte offers you personalized entertainment based on your personality, your needs and your goals.

With many years of experience in acting and improvisation, Brigitte knows how to adapt to different audiences and situations.

Very "turned on" and attentive, nothing scares her and she loves to "reverse on a 10 cents".

Costs and technical sheet:

Please: contact us


Find yourself with a journey

Bridget the Clown

Available for any project: show, cabaret, animation, parades, hospital visit and mission in Quebec or abroad!


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